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May Equipment Highlight

30 Apr

With May right around the corner, We turn the Equipment Highlight towards John Deere. The AGTV Network looks forward to bringing you information on the best of green.

April Equipment Highlight

28 Apr

We close out the April Equipment Highlight with Case IH. Throughout this month we have shown what Case IH has to offer for getting the job done in agriculture. Whether it is a utility tractor for your acreage, a top of  line 4WD tractor or state of the art technology Case IH has the products. Stay up to date on what is happening with Case IH via AGTV Network.

Drop us a line at contact@agtvnetwork.com and let us know what you think of our equipment highlight.


April Equipment Highligh

26 Apr

Sometimes to get the job done you need help. Case IH has the attachments you need.

L300 loader series for the smaller job

L700 series for bigger jobs

If you deal with landscape as a hobby or business then maybe a mower

Or a blade
Work EZ rear blades from Case IH fit any tractor brand with a 3-point hitch

Moving snow instead of dirt

Choose a front or rear mount snow thrower. Whatever the job Case IH the attachment to complete the job.

April Equipment Highlight

21 Apr

Technology and agriculture have always been partners. Most of the advances have been in mechanical areas. Today mechanical advances combine with electronics. Electronics are integrated into the equipment. Years ago knowing where you were in the field can down to just knowing the lay of the land. Today satellite technology pin points your exact location. The Case IH version of this technology is called Precision Farming.


The Case IH system covers all the bases, application, mapping, harvesting, guidance among others.
Get more information on your fields, which areas are most productive, which may need some help. Mapping systems come into play.


Once you have the information on you field and where to adjust your production variables, use the harvest end of the technology to validate the fall field work and spring planting plans.


Need support. Case IH has you covered.

The dealer is there for hardware..

and software.

Need information, visit the web
or Call you local dealer.

April Equipment Highlight

19 Apr

The AGTV Network continues our April Equipment Highlight with Case IH. We have seen that Case IH has the equipment for large and small operations. Today we look at the utility product, not the tractors but skid steer and the UTV (the Case IH version of a utility ATV).

Have a tight spot to work in? A narrow passage to move mateial through? Maybe you have lots of space but lots of work as well. Regardless of the job Case IH has the skid steer.

Case Skid Steer Loaders
Here is SR175 (57 HP) setup with a post hole auger.

All the controls you need with visibility too.

Need an attachment…
A variety of buckets and more than 75 compatible attachments are available.
Hydraulic coupler option makes changing buckets and attachments easy, without ever getting out of the cab.

Optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulics

Provides power needed for maximum productivity with high-flow attachments

Optional proportional auxiliary switch on handle delivers precise control of attachments

Optional electric auxiliary hydraulic control provides easy fingertip control of attachments

Bucket options – short- and long-lip, regular- and heavy-duty dirt buckets, utility, light-material

A variety of buckets and more than 75 compatible attachments are available.

In addition to the skid steer, Case IH also makes the Scout.

Shown here in a two person version or go for the Scout XL that carries 4. Check out the Case IH Scout web site. http://www.caseihscout.com/

For an operation of any size or business. Gas or diesel and what kind of accessory would you like? This web link shows them! http://www.caseihscout.com/Accessories.aspx

Ask about the skid steer or UTV products next time at your Case IH dealer and find out how these can help you operation.