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January Equipment Highlight

31 Jan

It is the final Tuesday in January 2012 and time for the final installment of Equipment Highlight for hogs.


Once those hogs are at market weigh and ready for sale you have to haul them to the sale barn. Lots of options are available depending upon how many head and what your tow vehicle is.

Smaller loads try one of these, since most folks already have a 3/4 or 1 ton truck.


Don’t have a goose neck hitch or flip ball in the truck bed, use that bumper hitch.


At  loPro Trailers we build to order for the customer, same price to everyone, there are no dealer prep charges, document charges, or other selling fees. Our Low Profile livestock show Trailers are a little different, we use a few more braces, and a lot of attention to detail.  Below are some of the most popular stock trailer  models, custom options can be added or removed to suit your needs.
Pricing:  You will find our pricing  to be competitive in the quality livestock trailer marketWe make every effort to purchase or fabricate as many components as possible from materials made in the U.S.A.  It is in everyone’s best interest that we build a sound and sturdy livestock trailer for safety and longevity. We still remember the terms “Craftsmanship” and Customer Service……  All Livestock trailer prices are based on 3,500 lb axles and white paint color.
                                  Sherwin-Williams Genesis Paint System Available

                                                                                                          Showtime ll  18 ‘
18 Ft. Bumper Pull  Pictured In Metallic Gray
L.E.D. Lights
Six Pens
Seperate Tack Area

Trailer Shown Built For Lafayette County School Dist.
Lewisville, AR

Youth Ag Program

Goats – Lambs – or Show Pigs

Epoxy Primer & Genesis Paint System
Removable Dual Track Lexane                                      $10,595.00  18 Ft. with sep. tack

             A Great Show Trailer Available in – 14 -16 – 18 & 20 Ft. Lengths 

                               Show Time ll  16 ‘
                 Looks Great ! and Easy to Pull …..
LoPro Livestock Show Trailer Features
(Available in 62in. heights)

78 in. width x 56 in. height
6 in. radius (angle) on the Custom Front End
Extended Tongue for easy handling
Bull Dog Hitch and Jack with support Plate
Safety Chain Keeper
Automatic Break-A-Way Switch & Charger
Tread Brite Aluminum Gravel Guard -Front-Steps-Fenders
Removable Plexi or (Lexane )in Solid H- Chrome Molding
Cargo Lights wired Hot / Rear loading light wired hot
Tack area / wired hot  (Tack Area Optional)
5- New Tires and Wheels / Spare Mounted on Inside of Trailer
 Shown With Optional Tread Brite On Escape Dr. 
 $9,995.00 with sep. Tack

                              Heavy Duty Steel Spring Latches On Pen Gates
1/2 in. Greasable Hinges On Pen Gates
Pen Gates Removable Or Pen Back Against Wall
Center Gate Dividers Swing and Are Removable
Removable Center Post
Solid Tack Wall Divider
Nickle Plated & Lockable Escape Door
Aluminum 2- Way Roof Vents

Trailer shown has 6 pens, 3 on each side with a center divider
and removable center post. Some prefer 1 small pen in front
and 2 large pens in back Or 3 large pens and alley way with 2 gates.
Pen set ups are optional.
 Gates Immediatly In Front Of Rear Van Doors To Hold Animals
Rear Van Doors With 14 X 21 Sliding Windows
 2- Sets Stop/Tail L.E.D. Lights
Loading Light Wired Hot
L.E.D. Rear Light Bar
Lockable Cam Latches On Rear Van Doors
3- Cargo Lights on Inside Of Trailer
Rubber Torsion Axles For an Easy Ride
Electric Brakes On All Wheels
Premium Auto Paints and Primers
Custom Steps & Tread Brite Covers

We Spend A Good Deal of Time Preping the Metal by Sanding, Acid Wash, Lacquer Thinner Bath, and Seam Sealing.

NOTE: Available with or without an outside entrance seperate tack area.
        Showtime ll    In Custom Colors                  16 Ft. With Hog Ramp            LoPro Custom 

Watch For These Young Ladies Up and Down The West  Coast pulling there new fushia Show Pig Trailer.

Hog Ramp / Custom Color / 6 Pens / Tack Area

$9,995.00   With Sep. Tack     

.         6 pens with Hog Ramp  & Seperate Tack- 16 Ft.


Custom Options 

The solid sides on our livestock Trailers with Removable Lexan Track Windows and optional pen sizes makes for A versatile Livestock trailer that can be used for a wide variety of animals. 

                          Showtime ll  14′ 
14 Ft. Livetock Show Trailer
Comes With All The Same Features !


       Shown Without Seperate Tack Area

 We can place pen gates on the inside of trailer at nose area to make for an open cargo tack area, when no separate outside tack area is desired.

Front Tread Brite Gravel Guard Full Height 
Available in 56″ and 62″ Heights

$9,195.00  Without Sep. Tack
Transporting sheep in South Texas

LoPro Custom

            If your looking for a smaller trailer, yet dual axle, with many features !

                    Show Time ll
12 Ft. Dual Axle Bumper Pull
   78in. Wide X 56in. H.
            Available In 62 in Height
Aerodynamic Front End
        Extended Tongue
Electric Brakes All Wheels
Removable Lexan Track Window
Chrome Tread Brite Gravel Guard
5-New Tires and Wheels
Chrome Center Caps and Lug Nuts
6-2 way Aluminum Roof Vents
Rear Van Doors With Sliding Windows
Auto Paint and Primer
Nickel Plates Escape Door Lockable Latch
Cam Latch Rear Doors
Loading and Cargo Lights Wired Hot
Your Choice of 3 -4 – or 5 Pens                                          4- Brake / Tail Lights – L.E.D.
L.E.D. Running Lights
Lo Pro Custom Livestock Show Trailers

A little harder to find because of the price per sq.  Ft., due to the fact it takes two axles, larger fenders, 5 wheels and Tires etc., just as it does to make the larger trailers, however , we have built and sold several of these Low Profile Show trailers for show exhibitors and cross country hauling.

Showtime ll  12 Ft. Dual Axle

Genesis Metalic Gray

4 Pens /6 Chrome Roof Vents

Seperate Lockable Tack Area

 $8,995.00 With Sep. Tack

Showing Goats In Texas



  10 Ft. Single Axle Showbuddy                                                       $6,995.00                                                          
  12 Ft. Single Axle  Showbuddy                                                      $7,495.00

  12 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll       Without Separate Tack Area    $8,595.00    With Separate Tack    $8,995.00

  14 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll        Without Separate Tack Area   $9,195.00    With Separate Tack     $9,595.00

16 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll        Without Separate Tack Area   $9,595.00    With Separate Tack    $9,995.00

  18 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll        Without Separate Tack Area   $10,195.00  With Separate Tack    $10,595.00

20 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll        Without Separate Tack Area   $10,695.00  With Separate Tack    $10,995.00

Note:  Prices Based On 3,500 lb. axles.   

Most Trailers Available In 56 in. & 62 in. Heights

                    A Versatile livestock trailer offering many options In A Smaller Package

                          “Show Buddy “   10 Ft. Single Axle low profile stock trailer. The same quality frame and construction as our show time ll .  The size is ideal for individual jr. 4-H and FFA show members and small producters.

Also Available in 12 Ft. Length

We Can Now Ship Trailers To Most Cities In The U.S.  

Shown with optional hog ramp and two sets stop turn lights.

     Low Profile 10 Ft. Showbuddy
                                                                                                     V-Nose Front End  – 6 in. radius
3500 lb Rubber Torsion Axle (single Axle Trailer)
                                                                                                 Electric Brakes
Extended Tongue
Escape Door
Tread Brite Gravel Guard – Front/Fenders/Steps
78″ Wide X 56″ Tall Cargo Area
New Tires and Wheels
Chrome wheel center caps & lug nuts
Spare Tire Carrier Mounted on Inside
                                   Sliding Windows in Rear Van Doors
                              Premium Paint and Primer  (Genesis Paint System)
Heavy Duty 7-Way Electric Connect
Bull Dog Hitch and Jack with Brace Plate
Rear Van Doors with lockable Cam Latches
All Trailer Doors Lockable
2 gates with removable center post
1 set stop/turn lights – L.E.D.
Shown With Optional Hog Loading Ramp                                 4 Two Way Pop Up Aluminum Roof Vents

The 3  Pen set up consist of 2 divider gates across middle of trailer, center divider  going to back  doors,  and 2 gates immediatly in front of back van doors. This makes 2 small pens at back and 1 large pen in front of trailer. All gates and center post are removable.  Other pen set ups available. We can also install gates inside cargo area at nose for tack area or ad two more pen gates to make a total of 4 pens.


If you are hauling larger loads then step up to a semi trailer.

U.S. Quad Axle

Quad Axle
• Merritt Goldline Quality
• Lowest life cycle cost
• Greater resale value
Click to enlarge
popular option 1
Fixed curbside doghouse floor section with a lightweight panel on the roadside maximizes payload and weight balancing. An optional split-lid, lay-down doghouse is available if extra floor space is required.
popular option 1
Welded 3” I beam cross members coupled with “Super High Grip” diamond plate floors with unsurpassed diamond height and edge sharpness and you have the long-life, leak-resistant floor that Merritt has always been known for.
popular option 1
Introduced by Merritt in the 1960s, the Merritt “Bull-Nose” design provides better swing clearance and aerodynamics. Offering up to 50% less drag than flat nose designs, the resulting fuel efficiency puts money in your pocket. Shown with optional tire carrier.
Disclaimer Statement: Merritt Equipment Co. reserves the right to make changes in materials, components, designs, equipment specifications and trailer models without notice. All visual specifications, representations, volumes and dimension references are based on the latest product offerings and are approximations available at the time of this publication. At no time will the information contained within this publication be used as the basis for resolving disputes.
Don’t need a quad axle.
U.S. Tri-Axle

U.S. Tri-Axle
• Merritt Goldline Quality
• Lowest life cycle cost
• Greater resale value
Click to enlarge
popular option 1
Folding, “L” shaped, split-lid doghouse allows you to maximize the floor space needed for all types of livestock. Extra back clearance makes this the perfect choice for fat or feeder cattle. A triple-split doghouse for hog hauling, or “L” shape only, allows you to customize your new Merritt for your specific hauling needs.
popular option 1
A variety of axle configurations and spacings are available to best meet your needs. We can assist you in determining which tri-axle will be most efficient in your operating area. A wide variety of Tri-Axle configurations are available to meet your needs. Contact your Merritt representative for details.
popular option 1
Welded 3” I beam cross members coupled with “Super High Grip” diamond plate floors with unsurpassed diamond height and edge sharpness and you have the long-life, leak-resistant floor that Merritt has always been known for.
Disclaimer Statement: Merritt Equipment Co. reserves the right to make changes in materials, components, designs, equipment specifications and trailer models without notice. All visual specifications, representations, volumes and dimension references are based on the latest product offerings and are approximations available at the time of this publication. At no time will the information contained within this publication be used as the basis for resolving disputes
Lots of options to choose from, just determined by your pocket book and need. The AGTV Network hopes you have enjoyed the January Equipment Highlight.


House Committee on Agriculture Weekly Roundup

28 Jan
Weekly Roundup
Week of January 23-27, 2012
Members in the Media
Must Reads
House Ag Committee Action
House Highlights
Senate Highlights
Looking Ahead
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Members in the Media
Reps. Conaway, Hartzler, & Hultgren: House Ag Committee to Consider Bills Amending Dodd-Frank ActRep. Crawford: Crawford and Bishop Co-Found Congressional Chicken Caucus 

Rep. Gibbs: House, Senate Lawmakers Highlight Concerns with EPA ‘Sue & Settle’ Tactic for Backdoor Regulation

Must Reads
House Committee Approves Proposed Amendments to Dodd-Frank The Committee passed six bills that modify the Dodd-Frank Act. “The feedback we heard was fairly consistent – across the country farmers, ranchers, community banks and Main Street businesses are worried about the unintended consequences of Dodd-Frank rules,” said House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas. (AgriPulse)
Heaven and Earth for a Farm Bill “Despite election-year rhetoric in Congress, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas still sees an opportunity to finish a farm bill in 2012, saying he feels a strong urgency to accomplish that goal.” (DTN)Bill Gates Calls for More Agriculture Research to Fight Hunger “Bill Gates has a terse response to criticism that the high-tech solutions he advocates for world hunger are too expensive or bad for the environment: Countries can embrace modern seed technology and genetic modification or their citizens will starve.” (Huffington Post

Recipe for a Federal Takeover of Farming “By injecting the federal government into the marketplace with no benefit to the public or animal health, it has the potential to irreparably damage the livelihoods of farmers and ranchers across the country.” (Chicago Tribune)

Inside the PA Department of Agriculture, Weekly News

28 Jan
Jan. 27, 2012

Message from George Greig
Secretary of Agriculture

One year ago this month, I packed my car, said goodbye to my family and farm and made the nearly five hour trip from Linesville to Harrisburg to begin a new journey as PA’s 25th Sec. of Ag. I saw many friends and met a lot of other producers at the first two events I attended, the Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Grower’s Convention and the PA Dairy Summit. Armed with new info, my message to state legislators was still the same one I’ve been carrying with me as an ag advocate on the local, state and federal levels for years – seeking support to empower producers and agribusinesses to ensure ag remains at the heart of our economy. Now, I’m taking the same message to Washington, D.C. Last week, I met with members of PA’s congressional delegation to discuss a number of issues, from the federal farm bill to flood relief. Each leader I met with was eager to hear the messages I was carrying from our farmers. And they are even more eager to hear from you, their constituents. It can be tough to wrap your head around a huge piece of federal policy like the farm bill or intimidating to reach out to an elected official. Whether you’re more comfortable partnering with an organization that supports your interests or ready to start the conversation on your own, know whatever step you take will be an important one toward keeping our industry viable.

Mid-Atlantic Convention Brings Growers to Hershey

Growers from across the mid-Atlantic region will travel to Hershey next week for the annual Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention, one of the premier grower meetings in the northeast. Sec. Greig will join growers at a reception and banquet on Tuesday, while Dep. Jay Howes will join apple growers at their reception Wednesday evening.

West Lampeter Fair Queen Wins State Crown

Drew An Brubaker of Lancaster, Lancaster Co., competed against 57 county and community fair queens and was crowned the 2012 PA Fair Queen. The 17-year-old Lampeter-Strasburg senior is joined by first runner-up Amanda Mitcheltree of New Castle, Lawrence Co. Aimee Beth Gillispie, of the Jacktown Fair in Greene Co., was voted “Miss Congeniality,” by the other contestants during the two-day contest.

Dairy Leadership Council Work Groups Meet

PA Dairy Leadership Council members have been meeting in work groups to tackle some of the issues facing dairy producers. The groups are focusing on producer and next generation education, regulatory structure, marketing strategies, and economic development, finance and infrastructure. The members will present their findings when the council reconvenes.

Dep. Howes Recognizes Giant Cabbage Winner

Dep. Howes spoke to elementary school students about the importance of PA ag as he congratulated Maggie Whalen from Pine Run Elementary School in New Britain, Bucks Co., today. Whalen was the PA winner of the Bonnie Plants 3rd Grade Cabbage Program. Bonnie Plants company gives children cabbage plants to grow through the summer. This nationwide competition encourages children to foster a love for gardening and ag.

Top Beef Genetics Nearing Sale Date at LEC

Beef bulls on test at PDA’s Livestock Evaluation Center near Rock Springs, Centre Co., were weighed at the 84-day mark of the 112-day test that annually evaluates bulls consigned by producers from across PA and from neighboring states. The bulls will sell March 30, during the 2012 PA Beef Expo. The center helps producers identify high-quality, faster growing stock to continue improving the quality of meat animals produced in PA.

Did You Know?

PA producers farm 7.75 million acres of farmland, with an average farm size of 123 acres. Each farmer produces food and fiber for 155 people in PA and beyond.

Follow @PA_AgSecretary on Twitter

Sec. Greig met with
PA’s congressional delegation on Wed.

Punxsutawney Phil visited the Farm Show crowds, and now the crowds will join him at Gobbler’s Knob. Check out fun ag detours as you plan your Groundhog Day road trip.

Advanced registrations for the 2012 PA Dairy Summit are due next Friday, Jan. 27. Considered the premier dairy event in PA, the summit typically draws more than 500 people.

Fresh off several weeks of horse-related events, join the complex in celebrating a different kind of horsepower during the PA Auto Show, Jan. 26-29.

USDA has opened another round of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects (REAP). Applications are due as early as Feb. 21, depending on the type of project.

Exhibitors at the Farm to Table Conference in Pittsburgh on March 23-24 can meet more than 2,500 consumers seeking businesses and organizations that can provide them with healthy food and healthy lifestyle choices. PA Preferred™. Made in PA. It makes a difference.

Open Government

Ready, Set, Grow

January Equipment Highlight

26 Jan

Thursday January 26 2012, getting closer to the end Equipment Highlight.  Some producers may use AI and here are some supplies necessary to get that job done.


Artificial Insemination Supplies

As an authorized sales representative for Insemination Technics and Supplies International Inc. (I.T.S.I.)  we can supply a complete line of high quality A.I. equipment and supplies to both swine breeders and swine A.I. centres both in Canada and internationally.

A.I. Catheter Selection

Semen Storage Units

Semen Packaging

Insemination Aids

Long and Short 
semen extender

Binocular Microscope

Products supplied include the following:

  • Insemination Catheters (foam and spiral tip)
  • Breeding clamps and bags
  • Boar scent spray
  • Insemination gel
  • Short and long term semen extenders
  • Semen packaging including bottles, tubes and bags
  • Semen tube sealing equipment and supplies
  • Automatic semen tube packaging equipment
  • Semen collection materials and equipment
  • Laboratory and semen processing supplies and equipment
  • Monocular and binocular microscopes
  • Semen density analyzing equipment and supplies
  • Water baths and magnetic stirrers
  • Portable and stationary semen storage units


AI Rods

All-Weather Paintstik

Collection Gloves, Powdered Vinyl

Nitri-Soft Gloves

P.G. 600

Pre-Seed EQ Lubricating Gel


Preg-Tone II Plus

Preserv Xtra Extender



Need a tank?

Dry Shipper
Nitrogen Capacity
Empty Weight(lbs)
Full Weight (lbs)
Neck Diameter
Outer Diameter
Static Evaporation
Normal Holding Time*
Canister Diameter
Canister Height
Number of Canisters
Bulk Straw Capacity

* Your actual holding time could be up to 1/3 less depending on amount of product stored, room temperature, sunlight, drafts, how often the container is opened, nature of container use, atmospheric conditions, and manufacturing tolerances.

Semen Tanks

Canisters included with all orders at no extra cost!

Free padded insulated cover protects tank and reduces liquid nitrogen loss.
Don’t buy a naked tank!

Liquid Nitrogen Measuring Stick
Tanks include a free measuring gauge to check liquid nitrogen levels.


Need a roller for the tank? Much safer than some other options.


CT-Roller Base

Brand New!  This sturdy roller base is designed to aid in moving your Semen Tank around the room. It fits the CT-20 and larger tanks. We recommend this optional roller base if you plan to move the CT-35 or CT-50 tanks.

Roller Base


Happy Breeding!

House Agriculture Committee News

25 Jan

Stay current with House Agriculture News

For Immediate Release: January 25, 2012

Opening Statement by Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson
Business Meeting to Consider H.R. 1840, H.R. 2682, H.R. 2779, H.R. 2586, H.R. 2779, H.R. 2586, H.R. 3336 and H.R. 3527
–As Prepared for Delivery–

“Thank you Mr. Chairman. For the past year, our Committee has held several hearings and listened to a host of stakeholders who are concerned about how the Dodd-Frank Act is being implemented with regard to improving oversight and accountability in derivative markets. At each of these hearings, I have recommended patience and caution for those seeking to change the law.

“Today, as the Committee marks-up these various bills, I want to reiterate my view that it is premature to move on legislation until we see the final rules. Looking at the Dodd-Frank rules that have already been finalized by the CFTC, I believe it is safe to say that, so far, the CFTC has done a pretty good job.

“For example, during a legislative hearing last year, we heard concerns about business conduct standards and the potential impact they could have on pension plans’ ability to use swaps to hedge risk. Earlier this month, the Commission approved a bipartisan final rule establishing business conduct standards. The general feeling I get from the pension plans is that the CFTC got the final rule right.

“I talk frequently with Chairman Gensler and from what he has told me, I am confident that much of what we are considering today is not necessary. The CFTC is going to get this right. To date, most of the final rules coming out of the Commission have bipartisan support and are addressing the concerns that stakeholders have expressed to both us and the Commission.

“I know the CFTC’s steady progress is driving the Republican Congressional leadership crazy. It is hard to peddle fear of agency overreach when the agency acts responsibly and truly listens when putting together a final product. It is a shame that we are focusing so much attention on problems that MAY happen instead of the problems that HAVE happened like the thousands of customers still waiting for their money from MF Global. Unfortunately in this town, people are often more interested in scoring political points than actually trying to solve real and present problems.

“I understand and support the Chairman in bringing three of the bills we are considering before the Committee today, even if I may not support them on their merits. The House Financial Services Committee

has already acted upon them, and the Chairman’s leadership has only given the Committee until February 1st to act or else be discharged. Although I think it is premature to consider these three bills based on their content, the members of this Committee should have the right to lend their voices – pro or con – before the Republican leadership takes them away from us.

“Two of these bills have not been acted upon by other Committees, and I believe we could wait to see the CFTC’s final rules. The fact that the CFTC may consider the swap dealer definition in the coming weeks could give us great insight as to whether provisions in both bills are necessary. But, as I well know, being Chairman has its privileges and one of them is setting the Committee’s agenda. So, here we are.

“The sad part of this exercise is that we may find out later it wasn’t even necessary. What is potentially even sadder is that even if we do find that any of these bills ARE necessary, they have no future. The majority of Senate Republicans and their leadership have dedicated themselves to the repeal of Dodd-Frank. Even if the CFTC gets something wrong and we try to fix it, the Senate Republicans will filibuster any correction unless they get to add some poison pill amendment that guts the heart of law. Senate Republicans are not interested in making the law work better; they just want to kill it.

“With that Mr. Chairman, I appreciate your yielding me time and I yield back.”

January 25, 2012

Ag Committee Advances Legislation
to Bring Balance to Financial Regulatory Reform


WASHINGTON – Today, the House Agriculture Committee advanced by voice vote six bills that amend Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The legislation is the culmination of the committee’s oversight efforts of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as it writes rules for Dodd-Frank. In the past year, the committee has held seven hearings on Title VII that have included testimony from market participants. They have shared consistent concerns that the CFTC is overreaching in its rulemaking and it will have a negative impact on businesses and on the economy.

“I appreciate the bipartisan leadership of my colleagues on the bills that advanced today. Our effort is to ensure that America’s job creators – our farmers, ranchers, small businesses, community banks, energy companies and manufacturers – are not overburdened by financial regulations. Without these important changes, regulations could deter businesses from hedging against risk. That increases costs for consumers and reduces stability in the market place, which is contrary to the intent of the original Dodd-Frank legislation,” said Chairman Frank Lucas.

All of the bills considered are listed below:

H.R. 1840 would require the CFTC to assess the costs and benefits of proposed actions.

H.R. 3336, the Small Business Credit Availability Act, ensures banks and farm credit institutions can continue providing interest rate swaps for customer loans without being classified as swap dealers.

H.R. 2682, the Business Risk Mitigation and Stabilization Act, ensures that end users can continue to use derivatives to manage business risks without being subject to costly margin requirements.

H.R. 2779 provides clarification that inter-affiliate transactions, when the parties to the transaction are under common control, are not to be regulated as swaps.

H.R. 3527, Protecting Main Street End-Users from Excessive Regulation, clarifies the definition of swap dealer to ensure energy and agriculture end-users are not misclassified and subject to costly new regulatory requirements.

H.R. 2586, the Swap Execution Facility (SEF) Clarification Act, prohibits the regulators from requiring a minimum number of participants to receive or respond to quote requests. It also prohibits regulators from limiting the means of interstate commerce that market participants can use to execute swaps and prohibits the agencies from requiring a SEF to delay quotes for any specific period of time.


January 25, 2012

Obama’s Regulations No Laughing Matter
for America’s Farmers and Ranchers


WASHINGTON – In his State of the Union Address last night, President Obama addressed criticisms of over-regulation by his administration.  He claimed success for exempting dairy farmers from an Oil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) program mandate that would have regulated milk the same way as oil:

“We got rid of one rule from 40 years ago that could have forced some dairy farmers to spend $10,000 a year proving that they could contain a spill – because milk was somehow classified as an oil. With a rule like that, I guess it was worth crying over spilled milk.”

The truth is that the Obama administration actually withdrew the Bush administration’s proposal to exempt dairy farmers from oil spill regulations, and then delayed their decision on this exemption for nearly two years.

In contrast, House Republicans responded to dairy farmers’ concerns and introduced legislation to force the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to finalize the dairy exemption.

Meanwhile, the president made no mention of other equally preposterous regulations that our farmers and ranchers still face.

The president claims that he’s working to reduce unnecessary regulations, but only the House has actually taken action.

Until the Senate takes up H.R. 872, businesses across the country are facing a redundant permitting requirement for the use of already-regulated pesticides.  The Senate is also delaying action on H.R. 1633, which ensures that the EPA does not maintain the authority to regulate rural dust.

If the President is serious about eliminating regulations, it’s time to act.