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Nevada Ranchers Oppose Pipeline Deal With Enviros

Friday, July 30

Nevada ranchers concerned about the potential impact on livestock grazing are upset about a deal between the builder of a 680-mile natural gas pipeline and two environmental groups that agreed to drop their opposition to the project stretching from Oregon to Wyoming.

El Paso Corp. agreed earlier this month to contribute $20 million over the next 10 years toward conservation efforts in the pipeline corridor to be overseen by the Idaho-based Western Watersheds Project and Oregon Natural Desert Foundation. Full Story…


Cattle Market Situation: The Short Run
Fed cattle prices appear to have bottomed seasonally a bit early this summer. Prices have increased from a low around $91/cwt. in late June to the current level of $94+/cwt. Although it is early to be certain, current prices are consistent with boxed beef prices and there is no obvious reason that current price levels cannot hold into the fall. However, fed prices are unlikely to advance further and may trade in a $93-$95 range until late in the third quarter. Fed prices could advance solidly into the mid to upper $90s by the end of the year. Full Story…

Jolley: NCBA Vs. CBB Vs. State Federations – Can’t We All Just Get Along?
The folks at NCBA convened a press conference early this morning. It was called late in the day yesterday.

A bunch of reporters showed up bright and early at 8:00 AM Denver time to listen to Forest Roberts, Scott George and Steve Fogelsong give a calm and reasoned response to CBB’s recent allegations. A few dozen reporters from around the country, unable to attend the quickly called meeting, called in to hear what these three gentlemen had to say. Full Story…

Troubleshooting Cattle Reproductive Problems
For a cow-calf operation, good reproductive rates are critical to operational success and profitability. It is generally expected that each breeding age female in the herd produces a healthy calf each year and successfully raises each calf until a planned weaning time. Full Story…


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Preliminary Sire Test Results

A.I. organizations requested that the American Angus Association provide to the membership the identity of and preliminary test results for Angus bulls tested by Dr. Jon Beever of the Universityof Illinois to determine whether they were carriers or free of the mutation identified for Contractural Arachnodactyly (formerly referred to by the name of “Fawn Calf Syndrome”).
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