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A new organic farming book from Acres U.S.A.
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New from Acres U.S.A.
On-Farm Solutions
to Real-World Cow Health Problems
The Barn Guide to Treating Dairy Cows Naturally
Practical Organic Cow Care For Farmers
by Hubert J. Karreman, V.M.D.

Softcover, 190 pages, with 250+ full-color photos. Printed with glossy heavyweight paper and laminated heavy cover to survive barn use.
$40.00 (plus s&h;)

Case studies listed by descriptive symptoms to help diagnose aliments when problems appear.
Seven broad categories for fast and easy reference.
Detailed visual signs to compare with on-farm symptoms for quick diagnosis.
Specific initial organic treatments and followup details to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.
Full-color pictures of most case studies and hands-on exam topics.
Valuable advice to help make the best decision about cow care.

    The Barn Guide To Treating Dairy Cows Naturally gives organic farmers (and those seeking to avoid toxic or synthetic treatments) a boiled-down approach to over 100 of the common and not-so-common cow problems they could face in their herd. This book is meant to be extremely practical and instantly usable in the barn — presenting a thorough exam of the animal and listing the primary symptoms with full-color pictures of the problems. Dr. Karreman also suggests which items should make up your farm medicine kit, selecting a small set of natural treatments that he has found to work consistently well.
A hands-on barn and field guide designed for quick and easy use.
•  Provides immediate answers to your cow’s health questions.
•  Includes an easy-to-follow visual and hands-on physical exam section.
•  Enables farmers to become more self-reliant and figure out problems using symptoms that you can see, touch, hear and feel.
•  Real-world cases are organized by symptoms (not by condition name) in an easy-to-understand format for on-the-spot use.
•  Features nearly 100 case studies and over 250 full-color photos.
•  Conditions on udder, digestion, reproduction, calves, lameness, whole-cow problems and more.
•  Field-tested natural treatments from 15 years of dairy veterinary experience.
Have you seen these symptoms in your herd?
  • Eating less and manure is dark
  • Can’t get up after calving
  • Retained placenta after calving
  • Swelling outside hock area
  • Pinkeye
  • Udder swollen and dry cow sluggish
  • Flakes and clots in milk

These cases and over 90 other real-world situations are examined in The Barn Guide to Treating Dairy Cows Naturally.

The Barn Guide to Treating Dairy Cows Naturally
is an excellent hands-on companion guide to Dr. Karreman’s definitive reference book, Treating Dairy Cows Naturally, both available from Acres U.S.A.

Treating Dairy Cows Naturally
by Hubert J. Karreman, V.M.D.

Drawing upon veterinary treatments from the days before synthetic pharmaceuticals, and tempering them with modern knowledge and clinical experience, Dr. Karreman bridges the world of natural treatments with life in the barn in a rational and easy to understand way. In describing treatments for common dairy cow diseases, he covers practical aspects of biologics, botanical medicines, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and conventional medicine. By incorporating conservation principles, he also alerts us to the need of keeping our waterways clean — both for our health and the health of the cows. This book should serve as a useful reference for years to come. Hardcover, 412 pages, Item # 6672. $40.00 (plus s&h;)

Also of interest . . .
Holistic Veterinary Care DVD
with Hubert J. Karreman V.M.D. & Jerry Brunetti
Dr. Karreman is joined by renowned animal nutrition expert Jerry Brunetti to present an overview of the strategies and tools available for successful holistic herd health management. The emphasis is on natural alternatives for the treatment of common dairy cow problems, including complications in reproduction, birth and lactation. This video will provide you with a basic understanding of the power and the limitations of herbs, how to treat the whole cow, and how to build an herbal medicine kit for your farm.
DVD (NTSC-DVD format for U.S. & Western Hemisphere), 52 minutes. Item #6805. $25.00

Special! Both books for $70 (save $10)
#S-6672 (plus $4 shipping for both books to U.S. addresses)

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About The Author: Dr. Hubert Karreman has more than 25 years of practical experience working with dairy cows, 15 of those years as an in-the-trenches dairy veterinarian working primarily with organic dairy animals. From this experience he has developed a set of therapies allowable for use in organic livestock which are easy to apply across a variety of situations. Dr. Karreman has been continuously active in mainstream and alternative professional veterinary organizations and has given numerous invited presentations about organic livestock health care to farm and veterinary audiences in the United States, Canada, Holland and South Korea. During his 5 years on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), he wrote recommendations for implementation by the USDA National Organic Program and also helped write the guidelines for complementary and alternative veterinary medicine for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).
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