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July Equipment Highlight

It is the final Thursday of July 2011. The AGTV Network closes our look at grain handling and storage. We have looked at the basic tools (scoop shovel) to rail  cars for moving massive amount of grain. Well before the any handling or storage takes place we have to go back to the field. Today we look at the grain tank on the combine. The grain tank on your combine is the starting point for all the grain handling adventures.


Days were that your grain tank held a small amount of grain. Today, due to advances in several areas of crop production, a grain tanks needs hold up 250 to 360 bushels. Grain tanks have optional extensions. These motorized mobile grain storage systems have the most critical role in the entire grain handling and storage process. Grain augers for loading and unloading the grain tank work only a few months out of the year. These components must be in top working order so the maximum yield can be moved through the that grain tank. When you think about the grain tank on your combine, this is probably the hardest working grain handling and storage tank you have, in a temporary mode.

The AGTV Network hopes you have enjoyed our look at grain handling and storage systems for July 2011.


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