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June Equipment Highlight

It is Thursday 28 June 2012 and truck finish up. Maybe you need a little less truck, no major tow requirements but you still need a truck.


Muscle and strength for hard work and tough duty.

Just how strong is the Ford Ranger pickup? With 207 horsepower and 238 lb.-ft. of torque from the optional 4.0-liter V6, you can tow up to 5,800 lbs. Choose Ranger 4×4 and you can engage both axles at the turn of a knob. Ranger gives you what you want from a full-size pickup in a compact truck that’s priced much less.

Class III Towing Capability*

Class III Towing Capability*

This V6 compact pickup can tow a big boat or trailer.

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Standard Trailer Hitch

Standard Trailer Hitch

Towing from Class I up to Class III* – Ranger has you covered.


RANGER Specifications






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Regular Cab Exterior Dimensions
2011 Ranger Specifications
Pickup bed style 6-ft. Styleside
Drive system 4×2
Wheelbase (in.) 111.5
Length (in.) 189.4
Height – empty (in.) 66.2
Width (in.) without mirrors 69.3
Width (in.) with mirrors 81.3
Track width – front/rear (in.) 58.5/57.3
Angle of approach (degrees) 23.5
Angle of departure (degrees) 24.6
Ramp breakover angle (degrees) 24.4
Ground clearance to rear axle (in.) 8.9
6-ft. Cargo Bed
Length – at floor (in.) 72. 7
Width – between wheelhouses (in.) 40.5
Height (in.) 16. 5
Cargo bed volume (cu. ft.) 37.4
Estimated base curb weight (lbs.) 3136
SuperCab Exterior Dimensions
Pickup bed style 6-ft. Styleside 6-ft. Styleside
Drive system 4×2 4×4
Wheelbase (in.) 125.7 125. 9
Length (in.) 203. 6 203. 6
Height – empty (in.) 66.3 67.7
Width (in.) excluding mirrors 69.4 71.3
Width (in.) including mirrors 81.3 81.3
Track width – front/rear (in.) 58.5/57.3 58.5/57.3
Angle of approach (degrees) 23.8 24.9
Angle of departure (degrees) 24.3 27.4
Ramp breakover angle (degrees) 23.3 18.6
Ground clearance to rear axle (in.) 8.6 8.2
Estimated base curb weight (lbs.) 3302 3741





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