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June Equipment Highlight

The AGTV Network June Equipment continues this Thursday, 16 June 2011 with Massey Ferguson. Today Combines are the machine of choice.

Massey Ferguson offering is the 9005 Series Axial Combine. Massey says these machines are “The most productive grain-handling system in the world.”

9005 Series Axial Combines 300 – 425 hp

For days you can end with a smile, harvests you can end with pride.

More than 25% faster than the competition, our combines offer the world’s fastest unloading rate at 4.5 bushels per second. And from the floor up, each of our combines is designed with the advanced electronics and ergonomics to maximize efficiency, operator comfort, and productivity.
MF 9005 Series Axial Combines Family Shot
  • Two unloading augers get the job done fast and efficiently.
  • The largest bin capacity keeps you harvesting instead of unloading.
  • Superior material handling comp
    onents mean superior quality grain.
  • Ease of maintenance means it’s hard to keep them down.
Model Engine hp (kW) Grain Tank Bushel (L) Unloading Bushels (L) Class Size
9695 300 (224) 300 (10570) 4.5 (159) VI
9795 350 (261) 300-350 (10570-12334) Optional 4.5 (159) VII
9895 425 (317) 350 (12334) 4.5 (159) VIII
Massey offers three versions to get your crop out of the field, 9695, 9795 and 9895. Check out this link for additional information. http://www.masseyferguson.us/products/combines-hay-equipment/9005-series-axial-combines/
Of course you need a header for that 9005 series machine. Massey has the MF 9250 DynaFlex Draper

MF 9250 DynaFlex Draper Headers

Increases Massey Ferguson combine performance, as well as yours.

Meet the industry’s first draper header with a fully flexible cutterbar.  This header increases cutting, conveying and feeding performance in soybeans and small grains.
MF 9250 DynaFlex
  • Cutterbar flexibility provides precise cutting of the crop without scalping or gouging the soil.
  • Mechanically driven drapers and cutterbar offer more torque without the need for a separate hydraulic system.
  • The DynaFlex system works by reducing the gaps between the cutter bar, reel, auger and feeder house and applying active control of the crop between transitions.

Need more information on the DynaFlex then click on this link. http://www.masseyferguson.us/products/combines-hay-equipment/9250-dynaflex-draper-headers/

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