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March Equipment Highlight

It is Thursday March 29 2012 and more of sprayers.


Look for a more traditional pull behind unit?

XLRD logo
XLRD Series Sprayers XLRD Series Sprayers XLRD Series Sprayers
XLRD Series Sprayers: Available in 1000, 1250 & 1500 Gallon
with 60′, 80′ & 90′ Contour Booms
VLU logo
VLU Series: Available in 1000 Gallon with 60′ Contour Series Boom
NF logo
 NF Series Sprayers
NF Series Sprayers: Available in 500, 750 & 1000 Gallon
with 60′ Contour Boom, X-Boom or TBF Boom

300 Gallon XL


Or a pull behind your ATV?

Crop Care ATX lawn sprayer

12 volt ATX Series Sprayers

Our 40 & 60 Gallon ATX Series all-terrain utility sprayers are great for maintaining estates, lawns, farmettes, wildlife food plots, pastures, golf course turf and more. They are built for heavy duty Commercial/ Farming applications and complete with a One-Year Warranty, not just a homeowner warranty. Choose from three available configurations: Pull-Type ATX sprayer, 3pt Hitch ATX sprayer, or Skid ATX sprayer for the bed of a Utility Vehicle.

Find a dealer – or ship direct by calling             1-800-578-1121       or use our contact form.

PDF download iconDownload ATX Price Sheet (Includes ATV Prices)

Standard Features

  • 12 volt diaphragm pump produces 5.0 gpm and 70 psi
  • High quality pistol grip spray gun with adjustable spray patterns
  • TeeJet® 6B manual control valve with pressure regulator and gauge
  • Jet agitation
  • Heavy duty steel frame with powder coated finish

Mounting Configuration Options

ATX 60 Gallon Sprayer on Trailer mount

60 Gallon ATX sprayer with ATX-ATV configuration
ATX 60 Gallon Sprayer on 3pt mount

60 Gallon ATX sprayer with ATX-3PT configuration

Order your 40 or 60 gallon ATX sprayer in the configuration that best meets your spraying needs.

  • ATX-TR
    • Tows behind your ATV, Tractor or Utility Vehicle
    • Rolls smoothly over all types of terrain with high flotation tires
  • ATX-3PT
    • Attaches to your compact or sub-compact tractor with Category I Three Point Hitch
  • ATX-SK
    • Fits nicely in the bed of your All-Terrain Utility Vehicle


ATX 60 Gallon Sprayer on Skid mount

40 Gallon ATX sprayer with ATX-SK configuration

The optimal boom configuration depends on the size of the spray area and frequency of use.

Accessory Options

turf marker

F2500 Turf Marker on 25 Gallon ATV Sprayer

Choosing the correct accessories adds versatility, accuracy, and ease of use to your sprayer.










Depends upon how much area you need to cover.


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