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October Equipment Highlight

Time for the Thursday Edition of Equipment Highlight. There are times when you need a power tool to get the job done. Today the focus is on cordless power tools. As with all tools used in agriculture there are several choices.


We start with combination kits, a tool for most every job.



Kits also come in hard case design as well.

A point to note. Battery technology has come a long way since the power tools were invented. There was a time when ni-cad battery was the only choice. Today li-ion is the power source of choice. These battery charge faster and don’t have a memory.


But back to tool choices.


An impact drive for getting into those tight spaces.



Sometimes the tool may not a traditional cordless power tool, you can keep your weeds trimmed.


Need to do some nailing. Cordless power hits the mark again.


Or when wood needs some cutting for a precise fit.



If you bench needs a cleaning then here is a choice.


The list of cordless tools can go on and on. Your local hardware store has a selection or find the tool of choice on line.


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