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June Equipment Highlight

30 Jun

June Equipment Highlight

28 Jun

It’s Tuesday which means The AGTV Network continues our June Equipment on Massey Ferguson. Today we focus on the news that Massey Ferguson is making.

Tractors, combines and the other hardware that Massey Ferguson offer are great tools for your operation. But great tools need the same support. Massey Ferguson support is just a great as their hardware.

Follow this link to get all the support you need for your Massey Ferguson product.
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June Equipment Highlight

23 Jun

Massey Ferguson continues on The AGTV Network June Equipment Highlight. For today Lawn and Garden equipment from Massey is featured.

Lots of grass to cut, either for a smaller operation, medium acreage, a business or perhaps golf course. Massey has two option to get your grass cut down to size.

The first starts with the Massey Zero Turn Mower. This commercial unit delivers to performance you need.

MF Zero-Turn Series Commercial Mowers

Massey Ferguson zero-turn mowers (ZTM) are specifically designed to exceed the expectations of the professional landscape contractor or estate owner with rugged, commercial-grade features that deliver superior performance and a consistent, professional quality of cut.
Two high-performance models (ZT29, ZT33) deliver peak performance with 29 and 33 gross engine horsepower respectively.
MF Zero-Turn Series Commercial Mowers
  • Engine: The 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine provides rugged power, excellent torque, and maintains optimum fuel efficiency to keep operating costs low.
  • Transmission: Two hydrostatic pumps and two hydrostatic motors with gear reductions at the drive axle provide long life and excellent performance.
  • Folding ROPS: Standard Folding ROPS folds to 90-degrees without tools to easily fit into an enclosed trailer or garage.
  • PTO Clutch: An electro-hydraulically engaged multi-disc wet clutch engages and disengages the mower deck through the use of the yellow knob on the right hand control console.
  • Mower Deck: Available in 60″, 72″ standard or 72″ high volume, this single piece, pressed steel deck design is rugged and reliable. The high volume mower has an extra-deep wind tunnel to move material through in less time.
  • Anti-Scalp Rollers: Adjustable anti-scalp rollers are located on each of the four corners of the mower (caster type on front). Three fixed rollers are located in the center. Together, these anti-scalp rollers help protect valuable turf.
Model Engine hp * PTO hp (kW) *
* Gross engine hp     * @ Rated Engine RPM
MF ZT29 29.0 (21.6kW) Electro-Hydraulic Engagement
MF ZT33 33.0 (24.6kW) Electro-Hydraulic Engagement
If you need for a mowing machine aren’t are demanding then turn to the Massey Lawn and Garden series. 5 choices provide the machine you need, from the 2000 to 2800 series.
The 2000, 2500 and 2600 series are offered in the Lawn Tractor line. 

2000 Series Lawn Tractor

Agility provided by a 14″ turning radius, performance enhanced by a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ engine and a deep profile 42″ or 46″ mower deck; and ease-of-use enhanced by foot pedal acceleration and cruise control. The 2000 Series Lawn Tractor not only makes it easy to trim around obstacles, it also provides the legendary quality you’ve come to expect from Massey Ferguson.

2500 Series Lawn Tractor

The 2500 series is built with one goal in mind-to make your lawn as beautiful as possible. Plus, foot-controlled accelaration from our Tuff-Torque® hydrostatic transmission gives you great traction and smooth operation. A 14-inch turning radius. A real performance feature, allows you to get in close to tress and landscaping obstacles for less hand trimming. Simply the best cut with comfort and style to match.

2600 Series Lawn Tractor

When it comes to having a great looking lawn, leave everything to the 2600 – a lawn tractor with Automatic Controlled Traction™, an advanced system that provides power to both drive wheels when needed to handle hilly terrain. And with its full-width rear rollers, the 2600 Series leaves the lawn beautifully cut. A Quick-Hitch™ attachment system, infinite cutting height adjustment, electric PTO clutch and other intelligent, user-friendly features are standard.
Need to step your game then the 2700 and 2800 Yard Series are your choices.

2700 Series Yard Tractor

Nothing is more important in a yard tractor than being able to comfortably perform a variety of tasks, and enjoy doing them. The 2700 Series delivers a beautiful cut, exceptional traction, superior comfort and durability. Each model offers a Free Floating™ mower with full-width rollers for the best quality of cut; Automatic Controlled Traction™ for exceptional year-round performance; an Operator Comfort Package that makes it a pleasure to drive; and high performance engines for years of dependable service.

2800 Series Garden Tractor

Enhanced operator comfort and control is just the start for the 2800 Series Garden Tractor from Massey Ferguson. This stylish design combines all the legendary durability and performance that comes from years of building quality products. A hydraulic lift lever, differential lock and electric PTO make rugged garden tractor chores easy and efficient. Plus, there’s the exceptional cutting ability with the Free Floating™ mower deck and easy service with a Quick Hitch™ attachment removal system that allows you to remove the mower with little effort.
And of course Massey offers a series of attachments to match the machine you need. 

Tractor Attachments

Attachment 2800 Series 2700 Series 2600 Series 2500 Series 2000 Series
Turbo Collection System 10, 17 bushel 10, 17 bushel 10, 17 bushel 6.5 bushel 6.5 bushel
CleanSweep™ Twin Catcher       6.5 bushel (38″ mower) Available
CleanSweep™ Triple Catcher 10 bushel 10 bushel 10 bushel 10 bushel Available
Wide Body Cart Collector 17 bushel 17 bushel 17 bushel    
Mulcher/Leaf Shredder Kit Available Available Available Available Available
Dethatcher     40″ 35″ & 40″ 40″
Tiller 36″ 36″      
Dump Cart 10 cu. ft. 10 cu. ft. 10 cu. ft. 10 cu. ft. 10 cu. ft.
Dozer Blade 42″ 42″ 42″ 42″ (Snow Blade) 42″ (Snow Blade)
Two-Stage Snowthrower 42″ 42″ 42″    
Single-Stage Snowthrower 42″, 46″ 42″, 46″ 42″, 46″ 42″ 42″
Snow Cab Soft Side Soft Side Soft Side Soft Side Soft Side
Front End Utility Bucket Available Available Available    
Tire Chains/Weights (Front & Rear) Available Available Available Available Available
Hitch 1-Point (Moldboard Plow)

Look for more information, check out this link. 


Look for more on Massey Ferguson when The AGTV Network June Equipment Highlight continues on Tuesday. 

June Equipment Highlight

21 Jun

The AGTV Network continues the June Equipment Highlight with Massey Ferguson. Today tillage and seeding equipment are in the spotlight.

For your tillage needs…

2433 Chisel Plow

Chisel Your Way To Improved Yields

This is the heaviest and largest chisel plow we build. Matched in large horsepower, tillage becomes a simple task and the results are impressive! Sunflower from Massey Ferguson Model 2433 tills deeply and evenly across the entire cutting width.
2433 Chisel Plow
The heavy 4″ x 6″ tubular steel tongue extends from front to rear beneath the framework and is bolted to each bar, distributing stress across the entire frame. Rephasing hydraulics provide superior depth control.

7200 Series Soil Conditioners

It’s The ‘Reel Difference’ In Conditioning Soil

Completes Your Tillage Tools Performance
7200 Series Soil Conditioners
Whether you’re pulling the Sunflower from Massey Ferguson 7200 Soil Conditioner behind a primary or secondary tillage tool, the results are the same-Improved Effectiveness of the Host Machine and Enhanced Efficiency of the Operator. No one else offers the “Exclusive” features found standard on the Sunflower from Massey Ferguson 7200 Soil Conditioner. Wings that flex both up and 10 degrees below level. Adjustable wing sections that allow the Soil Conditioner to be “tailored” to the width of the hose machine.
Overlapping gangs to condition soil completely across the entire machine eliminating any misses. And you wont find C-Flex mounted “Chevron” reels on the competition either, they just can’t keep up.

1000 Series Disc Harrows

America’s #1 Selling Disc Line

Sunflower introduced the first Flexible Offset Disc to the American farmer in 1968.
Massey Ferguson Tractor with Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrow
With over 40 years of disc building experience, Sunflower knows what it takes to make them work. Now two of the biggest names in the industry have come together to bring you the Sunflower line from Massey Ferguson®.
The Sunflower from Massey Ferguson Disc Harrows are capably of handling operations from primary through finish discing.
Model 1212 Disc Harrow is the discing answer for America’s smaller farmers.
The 1300 Series disc is the best flexible Offset disc on the market.
The 1234 and 1435 Series discs are designed to save you time, improve your tillage pass and help you become a more efficient producer.
The Sunflower 1444 and 1544 Series discs features four section flexibility for unmatched ground hugging capabilities and the 1550 Series five section disc with a monster 50′ working width is unsurpassed..
All Sunflower from Massey Ferguson discs are loaded with features that give a definite edge over competitive brands in acre consuming efficiency.

Land Finishers

A Single Pass Solution To Your Multi-Needs

Perform your discing, incorporation, cultivating, and field finishing in one tillage pass with the Sunflower from Massey Ferguson Land Finishers.
Land Finishers
The 6000 Series Land Finishers can enhance seed-to-soil contact and create a favorable environment for early root growth.
Model 6221 is designed for smaller tractors but delivers large performance.Model 6333 Land Finisher is easily adjustable, feature packed, and fits a wide range of medium horsepower tractors. With the Sunflower from Massey Ferguson Land Finishers, you be a more efficient operator by cutting your farm input cost in fuel use, tractor wear, multiple implement cost and anti-compaction campaigns.  The model 6433 is designed to match the high horsepower tractors with working widths from 37′ to 43′.
As you can see Massey Ferguson has the variety of tools to get your tillage needs done. Now that the field is ready for seed, what does Massey Ferguson offer for seeding? 

All-Purpose Grain Drills

Seeding Quality

For years Sunflower multi purpose grain drills, have featured a unique frame design and delivered unmatched flexibility and seeding performance in all field conditions.

All-Purpose Grain Drills
Now two of the biggest names in the industry have come together to bring you the Sunflower line from Massey Ferguson.
The 9312 Series Grain Drills are ideal for pastures which require re-seeding due to drought or over grazing because this tough, compact grain drill can handle all of their conventional and no till seeding needs.
For maximum productivity, Sunflower developed the 9413 three-point mounted all purpose grain drill line. The 9413 is one of the only mounted true no-till grain drills on the market.
The 9421 multi-purpose grain drill features a narrow transport width compared to wide, rigid, mounted designs that are difficult to move between fields. 
The Sunflower from Massey Ferguson 9435 Grain Drill can be tailored to your operation and be your single source for conventional seeding right through no-til.
The Sunflower line from Massey Ferguson truly is “Seeding Quality.”

7600 Strip Till Tools< /h1>

Precision Farming

Crafted with the strength and features demanded by today’s high-horsepower precision farming. The 7600 series Strip-Till tool is available in 20′ (6.10 m) and 30′ (9.15 m) tool bars accommodating eight and twelve row units at 30″ (762 mm) spacing.

7600 Strip Till Tools
Heavy duty parallel links connect the row units to the frame. This keeps the shank and blade angles true no matter the conditions. Adjustable components feature fixed angle and depth references making adjustments fast and easy. The availability of a full compliment of custom designed fertilizer application equipment makes the 7600 series the perfect tool for precise fall fertilizer placement while building an ideal planter ready seedbed come Spring.

  • Available Models:
    7610-20, 7630-30, 7630-30 NT
  • 30″ (762 mm) row spacing
  • Parallel linkage with spring down pressure
  • Shear bolt or spring trip protection
  • 24″ (559 mm) x .25″ (6.35 mm) coulter blade with depth band
  • 13″ (330 mm) spoke trash whippers
  • 1″ (25 mm) x 3″ (75 mm) x 24″ (610 mm) shank
  • 16″ (406 mm) wavy berming disc blades
  • 12″ (305 mm) rolling baskets
No till or precision needs are easily handled with Massey Ferguson. Productivity is always the key element when it comes to covering the acres. Massey Ferguson has the tools to prepare the ground and get the seed in the ground. 

This link gets you to the right information http://www.masseyferguson.us/products/seeding-tillage/
Thursday The AGTV Network takes a look at Massey Ferguson lawn and garden. 

June Equipment Highlight

16 Jun

The AGTV Network June Equipment continues this Thursday, 16 June 2011 with Massey Ferguson. Today Combines are the machine of choice.

Massey Ferguson offering is the 9005 Series Axial Combine. Massey says these machines are “The most productive grain-handling system in the world.”

9005 Series Axial Combines 300 – 425 hp

For days you can end with a smile, harvests you can end with pride.

More than 25% faster than the competition, our combines offer the world’s fastest unloading rate at 4.5 bushels per second. And from the floor up, each of our combines is designed with the advanced electronics and ergonomics to maximize efficiency, operator comfort, and productivity.
MF 9005 Series Axial Combines Family Shot
  • Two unloading augers get the job done fast and efficiently.
  • The largest bin capacity keeps you harvesting instead of unloading.
  • Superior material handling comp
    onents mean superior quality grain.
  • Ease of maintenance means it’s hard to keep them down.
Model Engine hp (kW) Grain Tank Bushel (L) Unloading Bushels (L) Class Size
9695 300 (224) 300 (10570) 4.5 (159) VI
9795 350 (261) 300-350 (10570-12334) Optional 4.5 (159) VII
9895 425 (317) 350 (12334) 4.5 (159) VIII
Massey offers three versions to get your crop out of the field, 9695, 9795 and 9895. Check out this link for additional information. http://www.masseyferguson.us/products/combines-hay-equipment/9005-series-axial-combines/
Of course you need a header for that 9005 series machine. Massey has the MF 9250 DynaFlex Draper

MF 9250 DynaFlex Draper Headers

Increases Massey Ferguson combine performance, as well as yours.

Meet the industry’s first draper header with a fully flexible cutterbar.  This header increases cutting, conveying and feeding performance in soybeans and small grains.
MF 9250 DynaFlex
  • Cutterbar flexibility provides precise cutting of the crop without scalping or gouging the soil.
  • Mechanically driven drapers and cutterbar offer more torque without the need for a separate hydraulic system.
  • The DynaFlex system works by reducing the gaps between the cutter bar, reel, auger and feeder house and applying active control of the crop between transitions.

Need more information on the DynaFlex then click on this link. http://www.masseyferguson.us/products/combines-hay-equipment/9250-dynaflex-draper-headers/