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October Equipment Highlight

Today marks another edition of the October Equipment Highlight. For this Thursday’s edition we continue our look at tools for agriculture industry. Sometimes you need to get a grip on the job at hand. Depending upon the task at hand may require a serious tool. Today we look at all manner of tools to get a grip on the task.


We start with vices.



The typical bench vice. but they come in all shapes and sizes.


Need a vice to hold a pipe, here is one.



Maybe woodworking is your task at hand.


But a bench vice is a tool for holding that work in place. Maybe an actual hand tool is what you are needing.

The all around always handy locking pliers. They coming in many sizes for your job.


If welding the task at hand then check out these special locking pliers.



Does your operation deal with pallets? This grip comes in very handy to move those pallets around the shed.



If your task is more delicate then tools exist for that as well.



Maybe the task at hand requires a tool to grip while you use other tools. A portable work bench may be just the ticket.


If the job is smaller then a quick type clamp may solve the problem, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes.





So it is easy to see that when a good grip is needed that the selection is awesome. But just remember that a farmer or ranchers but gripping tool may just be…




The good old stand by pair of pliers.


So remember to get a grip! The AGTV Network hopes you enjoy the Equipment Highlights on each Tuesday and Thursday.



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