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October Equipment Highlight

It is time for the Tuesday edition of Equipment Highlight. In the world of tools for agriculture some folks may think of only a wrench, socket set or screwdriver as a “tool”. Well today there are several types of screws used to hold together the parts and pieces.


Yes there are the old standby of phillips and standard head screwdrivers. These are still in use today for many applications. But there are a few new types out there that may need to find their way into your tool box.




These are just a few of the different “screwdrivers” types that keep popping up.





While it may be hard to see there are torx screwdrivers. Or if you want an “L” shaped torx
A more traditional tool,


Allen 22PC Fractional/Metric Combo Hex Key Set Long & Short Series      Klein Tools 76220 T-Handle Hex-Key - 4 Blade Length x 5/16 Hex   

The familiar “L” shape is common. These are also available “T” handle or pop onto a socket driver.


A set of torx setup for use on your socket driver. Note the extra length, comes in handy when that screw is recessed.



The “tools” edition of  Equipment Highlight comes to a close on Thursday.



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